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We pass small things of beauty each day, often without noticing them.  We glimpse stories in parts of buildings, in the activities of people, in the contrast of light and texture.  I try to capture in watercolor my personal reactions to those fleeting images, making them permanent and thus capable of being shared.  By doing so I hope to encourage others to seek out and cherish those unique things when they see them.

Strong light and shadow; pure, clean color; contrast of texture, color, intensity, value, and temperature are my goals for each painting, regardless of subject. 

I use a variety of techniques to capture the color, texture and shape of these images, but rely the most on layers of glazing to produce depth and dimensionality.  Color is blended on the support.  My watercolor support is usually 300 lb Arches bright white watercolor paper or Ampersand's textured clayboard.  My acrylics and oil paintings are on on varying weights of Frederic stretched canvas.