Paintings by Terry Denson
  Originals: American Florals
 Original paintings of flowers and foliage from everywhere except  the tropics
Contact me with inquiries regarding originals. Click any picture for an enlarged view.

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Originals:  Tropical Foliage & Flowers     Originals:  Maine to California     Originals:  Still Life

Ancestors and Orchids
Image Size 20" x 40"
Watercolor on Paper
Framed $1500


Victorian Hydrangea
Image Size 14" x 11
Watercolor on Aquabord"
Custom Framed  $350



Leadville Poppy
Image Size 22" x 30"
Watercolor on Paper
Framed $1250

Autumn Pond
Watercolor on Paper
Custom Framed
Image Size 24" x 18"


Sunshine in the Garden
Watercolor on Aquabord
Image Size 30" x 22"
Custom framed $950


Floating on Air
Watercolor on Paper
Image Size 21 x 15"
Custom framed $750




Thoroughly Modern Magnolia
Watercolor on Paper
Custom Framed $350
Image Size 14" x 10 3/4

Lily Pond
Watercolor on Paper
Image Size 24 x 18"
Custom framed $950


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