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Watercolor classes and workshops in St. Petersburg for beginners & intermediates.


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Beginning Water Color Students

Students will learn about the uniqueness of watercolor brushes. paper and paint and their proper use.  They will learn to apply continuous and graded washes and other basic painting techniques, how to mix and blend colors, use of complementary colors, basic texturing effects and more.  Beginners will be provided materials for their first lesson and given a recommended materials list.  Students should bring any watercolor materials they may have.
Intermediate Water Color

Lessons are designed for intermediate watercolorists serious about learning how to control transparent watercolor.  With Terry's aid, students will identify their skill level, strengths and weaknesses, determine where they want to go with the medium; and plan a course of self-directed study that will help them achieve their own goals.

Watercolor painting will be treated as a process that begins with design, composition, and thoughtful color selection, and ends with a finished painting that has impact, is well executed, and is eye catching.






Class starts again October 3rd

When:   Wednesday   9:30 to noon 
Where:   627 Central Ave
             Saint Petersburg, FL  33704
Fee:       $90 per month (4 lessons),
              payable by the month
For More Information:                       
             Terry  727-698-2285 or
  Dazzio Art Experience, 727 656-8277 or